Back to running…With Wild Country Fit

I have simply just lost my mojo, and with travelling and work, life just got in the way. Going for a run seemed more like a chore than any sort of pleasure. Mariella has just started school and this is where you meet all new mums and dads and find out if you are really doing okay as a parent. A fellow fit mama will drop her little ones and then go for a 10km run… ‘Aaaah it’s nothing’ she says to me. Well, I think that it is bloody marvellous. And when I can’t find my running mojo at the moment, I will take that as inspiration.

My first ever run was with my husband about 8 years ago, and I thought I may need an ambulance. I then went to Australia on my own for a month, and decided to run every single day – usually around 7am as that is when the jetlag really takes over. Plus my dad runs, so we would go together and he thought I was rubbish so vowed not to go with me again, so I was destined to run alone. Before I knew it, I was doing okay.

When I returned to Mr Smith, I couldn’t wait to show off my new running technique – and before I knew it I had signed up to every half marathon, 5km, 10km and marathon going. When I become obsessed, I’m pretty much obsessed.

I was running up until I was 5 months pregnant and then power walked the rest of my pregnancy. Nell McAndrew was my mama-fitness inspiration at the time. Roll on 5 years later, and I’ve quite simply lost my mojo.

14583293_1381889738506939_8849394369510244352_n1 14099728_337435016595602_1432120588_n

So, I joined a running club. It was set up by local fitness mama Lesley Waldron. Lesley started things small and simple, but if you are good, things never stay small for long. From about 5 or 6 of us running each Monday evening, to these days, about 25 running along the narrow footpaths through Long Ashton. Lesley has now split the group into two, and has appointed another run leader called Jo Sasher who will run with the more advanced of the group. We belt out around 4km to 5km each Monday night… and I am delighted to be returning to the fold coming this Monday night. I will even snap a running selfie and post it to my Instagram (@lapetiteaussie)


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