Spa Review: Whatley Manor, Cotswolds

The official low-down The Aquarias Spa at Whatley Manor is set in acres of tranquil, lush manicured gardens. The main hotel is known for its wonderful stays and restaurant - attracting visitors who want county chic with a twist of manor house luxe. The Spa offers one of the largest hydrotherapy and thermal circuits in … Continue reading Spa Review: Whatley Manor, Cotswolds


Back to running…With Wild Country Fit

I have simply just lost my mojo, and with travelling and work, life just got in the way. Going for a run seemed more like a chore than any sort of pleasure. Mariella has just started school and this is where you meet all new mums and dads and find out if you are really … Continue reading Back to running…With Wild Country Fit

2 Fit Mums do Fit 4 Tots!

Run, jump, roll, balance, listen and learn. All the essentials of a fun-packed AM with the babe this week at new-found mini fitness group called Fit 4 Tots run by Lesley Waldron and Sarah Dineen. Professional nutritionists and personal trainers to big ones, and fitness promoters to little ones, and mums to little ones. I … Continue reading 2 Fit Mums do Fit 4 Tots!

The busy mama’s meditation guide

I was recently set a challenge by my business coach to incorporate 15 minutes a day of meditation into my life. That didn't seem too taxing. Surely this rather super-human, mum on the go can fit 15 minutes of meditating into my day. HOLD ON, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. 15 minutes. Fifteeeeeen minutes. Where the … Continue reading The busy mama’s meditation guide