How to get press to attend your event

You have an amazing product or service to showcase. You've spent months, years in the planning, the branding, the look, the feel. You've taken your idea to market and now it is time to get press to notice it. From first time launches, to fashion collections, new additions to your business or a change in … Continue reading How to get press to attend your event


Millennial Party Planning

An opinion piece... So much has changed in the party designing world…well, my job description for a start. Once a conference & event coordinator heading into the Millennium, then a party planner, which soon turned into a party designer, and these days I am know as an event producer. Just as my job title has … Continue reading Millennial Party Planning

Mariella for Atticus & Gilda

The night before a big day has to be about getting as much rest, relaxation and sleep as possible, as well as breathing out all the anxieties. Well, for Mariella, the La Chic Petite fille, the night before her Christening was exactly that... utterly blissful, thanks in part to Atticus & Gilda. Their PR team sent … Continue reading Mariella for Atticus & Gilda

Spring Awakenings

Like fashion, Spring beauty looks to the joys of nature. Where gardens blossom, we swap our jeans for skirts and a show of ankle, and we buff, brighten and bronze our skin. October to December is one of my busiest seasons with Christmas party planning with the UK events team and I survive on a … Continue reading Spring Awakenings

Florence: Feminism on Fabric

World-renound print designer, Florence Broadhurst had a wonderful eye for colour and detail, whose life was a whirlwind of contradictions, falsities and elegance. Her creative genius produced bold designs produced on wallpaper and fabrics that have stood the test of fashionable times. They could have been made in the 70s, yet remain utterly contemporary. Florence's … Continue reading Florence: Feminism on Fabric

2 Fit Mums do Fit 4 Tots!

Run, jump, roll, balance, listen and learn. All the essentials of a fun-packed AM with the babe this week at new-found mini fitness group called Fit 4 Tots run by Lesley Waldron and Sarah Dineen. Professional nutritionists and personal trainers to big ones, and fitness promoters to little ones, and mums to little ones. I … Continue reading 2 Fit Mums do Fit 4 Tots!

Happy Wednesday with Pilates

My weak spot is my tummy. My core is floppy, my lower back can ache. It's Pilates time! Getting the ‘Lean’ Look – not too buff and not too curvy, Pilates is the key to getting that slim slightly toned-healthy look. Mind over Body Philosophy – let’s face it, life is stressful, but taking an hour … Continue reading Happy Wednesday with Pilates