A journey to slow-aging with Argentum Apothecary

Let me introduce you to Argentum’s ‘infinite potion’. From first application, the firming and tightening effects are immediate, and your skin will appear more uniform (in both tone and texture) - it's incredible addictive. Remarkably lightweight with a powerful punch, it's not greasy, but instead it gives long-lasting hydration in a revolutionary way, distributing moisture … Continue reading A journey to slow-aging with Argentum Apothecary


Beauty buzz: Yours Truly Organics

With mama and baby in mind, this is the best new mum skin routine I have seen in a while. Everything is there for the on-the-go, I have no time to look after my skin new mama. Yours Truly Organics has created a cleanser, toner, serum and balm in their range, and together this is … Continue reading Beauty buzz: Yours Truly Organics

The busy mama’s meditation guide

I was recently set a challenge by my business coach to incorporate 15 minutes a day of meditation into my life. That didn't seem too taxing. Surely this rather super-human, mum on the go can fit 15 minutes of meditating into my day. HOLD ON, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. 15 minutes. Fifteeeeeen minutes. Where the … Continue reading The busy mama’s meditation guide

La Chic Beauty Tips

Sunday 15th March is Mother's Day. As we celebrate being a mum and our own mums, I look back on the wonderful beauty advice and good skin tips I picked up from my mum and my grandmother. When I was a little girl, I always saw a bottle of 'Oil of Ulay' on the dresser. … Continue reading La Chic Beauty Tips